Vanessa Labrie is an actress, theatre-maker, and voice artist currently based in London, UK.

Born in Denmark, raised in Montreal, trained in England; Vanessa loves building unlikely bridges. Whether it’s linguistically, - she’s perfectly bilingual and able to provide a plethora of French and English language accents to native standard, or theatrically, - through her theatre company where the ethos is to bring Québécois work to British audiences, or even stylistically - bridging the gap between comedy and drama by being both the quirky, offbeat clown who endearingly fits out, and the distraught, frazzled, caring character.
In other words, Vanessa has created links that’d be the envy of even the most celebrated bridge engineers.

Or, you know, she’s 65% Monica and 35% Phoebe.

Vanessa graduated from the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 2015 with an MA in Acting. As a bilingual actress with a knack for character voices, she has been rapidly making her way in the voice over industry. You might have heard her narrate Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman, lure you into buying Baileys on television, or ordered you to shoot in Eve: Valkyrie. For more info on her clients and experience, have a browse through the voice section.

Both on and off stage, Vanessa loves to embrace a challenge – she has been running every single day since the 15 January 2017, and has memorised every capital city in the world and can place every country on a map (even Nauru).

This past month she recently finished recording Sharp by Michelle Dean, an audiobook about feminist writers/reporters of the last century. She made her way to Liverpool to perform a short play about North Wales at the Liverpool Playhouse, filmed an advert in Paris, and she is writing/acting in a play about unlikely sisters.