So here we go, the first real week of rehearsals of The London Cuckolds in our new rehearsal space has officially begun! We had the entire design team with us in the morning to show off the incredible work they had done with the set and costumes. I am always so impressed with how meticulous and hard-working the design and technical team is. Every single detail is researched, thought through, and carefully created. After seeing design presentations I always feel a bit silly, sitting there and being an "actress". I think the cast felt that we needed to step up our game for the read through we would be doing for them.

And it showed. Everyone was energized, inspired, and the play came to life in a different way than it had ever had so far. We laughed and found some new comedic moments. I think we still have a great deal of work to do, and we're only at the beginning of the process, but we'll get there in time. Till then, onto some more line-learning.