It's been a really long while since I've written anything. Upon leaving school, I had a very long list of things I would be filling my days with, and writing a blog post every month was one of them.
Of course, life happened.

So basically, I've been calling myself an actor since this past August when I graduated from BOVTS. The word still takes a lot of getting used to. When people ask me what I do, this is how it usually goes:
THEM- So what do you do?
ME- Hum, well... I, huh... moved here a year and a half ago and hum.. I did my grad studies in Bristol, and then moved to London.
THEM- Oh cool, what is it that you studied?
ME- Acting. Yeah... I am actor now... I guess. Yep.

I've managed to eliminate a few "hum"s and "I guess"s now, but for some reason I still find it hard to admit I'm an actor.

Maybe it's because actors spend more time looking for work than actually working.

A few months ago, after telling someone I was an actor, she answered with: "OK, but are you really an actor - like are you working right now - or you're one of those "actors".
Luckily I was able to say I was a working actor because I was in the middle of a gig, and I had another one coming up that week.
The key words here being that week.
That week I was allowed to call myself an actor.
But I didn't know what was going to happen to me the week after.
And the week before, I had been frantically submitting myself for auditions and emailing people who might be able to offer me a meeting in the future (meeting is the new word for audition now). I hadn't been "acting" that week, but I'd been doing all the other parts that the job required. Did that make me less of an actor that week?

Maybe another one of the reasons why I have trouble calling myself an actor is because almost every time, the person you're talking to will answer with: "Wow! Are you in anything at the minute?"
Bless their hearts, but this has to be the worst question to ask an actor.
Which is why most of the time actors will respond by reciting their CV, as a way to justify their title.

How do you do it?

Well, I'm just a newbie at this, but I'd say support from people who love you has to be the most important thing.

And then, there are two podcasts that have been a gold mine to me: The Honest Actor's Podcast and Inside Acting.

The first one is a series of 30 minute interviews with actors in the UK, lead by Jonathan Harden. It focuses on how actors get by, with the main message being "It's hard as ****, but we're all in this together" And they also have a fantastic blog and the best actor's hashtag on Twitter #actorsunscreen. Comfort.

The latter was created by Trevor Algatt and AJ Meijer, two working actors in NYC and LA who chat about their experience and also conduct lengthy interviews with other actors and people in the business. Their message is mostly "It's hard, but you can make it!" Hope.

So, there you have it.

Oh, and the photo is from South Africa, when I was lucky enough to call myself an actor for 10 days in December.
This is why I do it all.